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ISF Newforestry News:
Spring 2006

ISF: Hardwood Utilization Techniques for Northern California (pdf)
Milling, Air Drying, Kiln Drying, and Log and Lumber Grading Techniques for Native California Hardwoods.

ISF: Safeguarding Rural Communities (pdf)
Safeguarding Rural Communities: Fire Hazard Reduction and Fuels Utilization

ISF: Preliminary Data for State of Sustainable Forestry Report (pdf)
California Forest Products Indudstry, Softwood Harvest and Value, Softwood Log and Lumber Imports and Exports

ISF Position Paper: Sustaining Forests and Jobs (pdf)
The Institute for Sustainable Forestry released a position paper outlining its vision for sustainable timber management and sustainable timber harvest in Northwestern California. In releasing the position paper ISF is called on Second District Supervisorial candidates to agree to promote ISF's vision and recommendations for reinvigorating the timber industry in Southern Humboldt County.

ISF State of Sustainability Report (pdf)
Full Report (4mb) The ISF State of State of Sustainability Report reviews recent trends in the timber industry, compiled from numerous sources, and provides background for effective strategic planning to promote sustainable resource management that contributes to the long-term ecological, economic and social well-being of forest based communities in the Pacific Northwest.